Silicium G5 Original 1L


Silicium G5 Original is Dr Loïc Le Ribault’s organic silica. With maximum assimilation according to comparative scientific trials, it delivers silica in a BIOAVAILABLE form.

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Silicium G5 Original is Dr. Loïc Le Ribault’s organic silica. With maximum assimilation according to comparative scientific trials, it delivers silica in a monomeric form, which means that it is possible to maintain the molecule, very unstable in itself, active and without degradation, which multiplies its efficacy. 

Biodynamisation of organic silica.

Biodynamized product using a new high-pressure method.
The product is introduced into a hyperbaric chamber and a pressure of 6000 atmospheres is applied for a few minutes. This process improves the fixation of the silica molecule with water, thus facilitating its greater solubility and therefore its assimilation capacity and passage through the cells, obtaining faster results. Besides, the quality of organic silica as a carrier of other molecules within cells is improved.

In 1994 Le Ribault managed to stabilize organic silica, applied until then only with topical pads, making its oral intake possible. Its depurative and regenerative properties have been confirmed in recent trials, with a decrease in heavy metals and improvement in the skin as a result (Anderson 2017).

As early as 1993 the scientist Forrest H. Nielsen stated in his publication: “Silica is a beneficial element for bones, brain, and blood vessels”. He mentions organic silica and confirms its qualities. Several ensuing scientific publications have confirmed these trials.


Is it necessary to provide collagen to the body?

Silicon intake boosts collagen production in the body. In this way, you help your body to produce collagen naturally, which is more effective than taking collagen from an external source.

Silicon helps regulate biological processes such as the distribution and fixation of magnesium and calcium, increasing the calcification of bones.


Take 15 ml twice a day, 10-15 minutes before meals and medication intake. It does not have any contraindication or side effects.


Water, monomethylsilanetriol, potassium phosphate. It does not contain preservatives.


1000 ml. bottle.

Loïc Le Ribault started working with silica at the University of Paris in the 1960s. When he examined the sand, particles using the scanning electron microscope, he invented a new science: the exoscopy. He was known as the man who could make a sand particle speak. In the 80s he creates a laboratory that was unique in the world where he applied that Nobel Prize-worthy technique. He collaborated with the FBI in the USA and his work was acclaimed by the French police, who trained a great number of its officers in the use of the technique. Years later, there was a long period of projects dedicated to new forms of silica with therapeutic applications. In 2005 Le Ribault started collaborating with Silicium Laboratories to whom he later bequeathed his intellectual property.


 This product has been subjected to several clinical trials, all of them establishing its efficacy:

 · Bio-availability Trial (Comparative Nutritional Trial Regarding Bio-availability of Three Supplements Rich in Silica, 2015 N.Boqué, L.Arola)

·  In vitro trial on ossification (Evaluation of Silicium G5 On the Parameters of Bone Health In Type Mg-63 Fibroblasts And Osteoblasts Dr. José María del Bas et al 2014)

·  Trial regarding its effects in skin, hair, and nails as well as its detox effects: A Randomized Trial on The Anti-Ageing Effects of Monomethylsilanetriol And Maltodextrin-Stabilized Orthosilicic  Acid on Nails, Skin and Hair, Anderson et al 2017.

·  Evaluation De L’efficacite D’un Complement Alimentaire Sur Les Douleurs Articulaires En Addition D’un Gel, Protocole n°PEC11012 B. Housez et al. 2011).

·  Also, at the Barcelona Science Park, we have proved its high concentration of monomeric orthosilicic acid and oligomeric acid by using the silicomolybdic acid method (Analysis of an OSA solution and determination of OSA in the final product, M.Trilla 2017), which certifies its efficacy thanks to its optimum assimilation.