What makes our silica different from others on the market? 

Our silica has the highest absorption value as per exhaustive clinical trials conducted by an independent research project in the UK. 

Our silica is entirely non-toxic and without restrictions in terms of consumption with other products including prescription pharmaceuticals.

Our silica is a molecular bonding of silicon molecules with water and not a suspension of silica within a liquid or gel or in powder format as others are. This is part of the reason why our silica has the highest absorption rate. 

Our silica is the only truly organic, living silica on the market. This is important as our bodies absorb and utilize organic-based minerals. Inorganic minerals are more difficult to be used by our bodies. The main component of Silicium G5 is fifth-generation organic-type silica, monomethylsilanetriol, CH3 (Si-OH)3, one of the best silica carriers, and also a molecule enhancer. 

We conduct clinical trials with our product in the best traditions of science and although testimonials are appreciated it is the hard science that tells us how capable a product is. We do not invest in catchphrase marketing, we invest in research to ensure our product is superior. 

Can we get enough silica from food? 

The short answer is No. Independent studies indicate oral consumption of foods only has a 2-3% absorption rate by adults. Absorption is much higher in earlier (teen, pre-teen) years. 

Much of our foods are de-mineralized in general and silica seems to be specifically lacking. 

Can we get enough silica from just using Horsetail Extract as found in powder and pills?

The short answer is No. The same UK study mentioned above indicates horsetail extract only has a 4-5% absorption rate. Several studies have shown how excessive consumption of horsetail extract is toxic to the body and places a tremendous strain on the liver, kidneys, and urinary tract. Horsetail extract should never be taken with someone who has blood clotting issues or medication for the same or is on heart medication. 

How does Silica work in the Body?

This is not an exhaustive list but studies have shown the following benefits for silica:

1. An enabler of calcium mineralization which then leads to improving a condition of excessive calcium as in bone spurs or calcium deficiency as in osteoporosis or weak finger/toenails.

2. An enabler in bone composition leading to the increased flexibility of the bone. This is a derivative of the calcium absorption referenced above.

3. A factor in increased nervous system signaling/firing of impulses.

4. A major constituent in the heart, arteries, lungs in terms of maintaining healthy connective tissue and organs.

5. A principal contributor to the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Leads to skin growth and elasticity.

6. A factor in the chain of development of cartilage. 

7. A binder with heavy metals as in aluminum to extract the same from the body.

8. A decisive component of healthy and strong hair in the form of increasing hair shaft follicle thickness. 

How do I have to take it? 

For daily supplementation, a healthy individual should consume one tablespoon (15ml), 1 to 3 times per day, preferably 10 minutes before a meal. To be more specific, a healthy individual below the age of 55 years should consume one tablespoon daily. A person between the ages of 60 to 70 should consume two tablespoons daily. A person senior in age to 70 should use three tablespoons per day. A person who has silica deficiency or is attending to an illness or injury where silica would benefit would increase their consumption rate. 

It is best to hold in the mouth for 1 minute before swallowing to allow for increased absorption into the bloodstream from the gums. Silicium G5 is compatible with any medicaments or dietary supplements, although for the better effect it is better to leave one hour space before or after taking the medicament. A slight tingling sensation may be experienced within the mouth. This is completely natural, as one of the central benefits in the body is to boost the transfer of nerve impulses. This sensation is a sign that Silicium G5 is reawakening nerve function. 


Any restrictions when taking it?

No. But silica and calcium compete for absorption so allow a digestive cycle, 4-6 hours, before using one or the other. 


How long should a bottle last me?

Every bottle has a graduated measuring cup in metric. There are 66.65 servings at 15ml per serving per bottle. A bottle should last 66 days at one serving per bottle per person. 


How long before I notice a benefit?

It depends on your age, healthy and reason for use. The most immediate effect is if used topically on a wound or damaged skin or even if tending to wrinkles/expression lines, etc. We have a gel specifically for this as the Silicium G5 was formulated for oral use. Otherwise, the degree to which one feels a benefit from oral use is dependent on their age and health. A healthy and active person should consider the use as a proactive measure to extend the vitality of existing functions. A person deficient in silica may notice a benefit commensurate with the degree of need their body has. 


What does it taste or smell like?

Our company has grown to the degree that we have several facilities to service markets in Europe and the Western Hemisphere. There will always be a lingering sub-taste to the source of silica from which the harvesting occurred. The product may taste as un-carbonated mineral water and leave a tingling sensation in one's mouth. It is always colorless and the scent will follow the taste. 


How much Silica am I taking?

There are between 200mg and 380 mg of silica per bottle. A daily supplement should be between 3 and 6 mg. There 3 mg per 15 ml serving. Note the higher silica content of other companies is a useless measure as most of the silica ingested is not digested and eliminated as waste plus the stress on the body in attempting to digest. 

How do I store it?

All bottles have a lot number and expiration date for an unopened product. The bottles are BPA free and amber to protect against UV light damage. A bottle can remain unopened through the expiration date. There is no preservative in the Orgono Silica and a bottle requires refrigeration after opening to avoid culturing. A bottle can remain in the refrigerator up to 6 months after opening.

Why does your stuff cost more than other silicas?

In short, you get what you pay for. Ours does the most benefit per serving of silica. Ours is made by our company, our R&D, our laboratories and we do not a private label for anyone. We are not a mass-market vitamin company. We specialize in silica-related products. That is what we do. Our process involves a considerable degree of quality control you will not find in other silicas.

Silica in general and ours, in particular, is of sufficient versatility and potency that you would not need to purchase the following if you use our silica: 



Hyaluronic Acid

Collagen supplements

Anti-wrinkle creams/gels

Scar diminishment products

Wound healing products

Skin treatments for allergies, scratches, itchiness.

Hemorrhoid gels and creams. (Our silica gel is referenced here as the replacement)

Skin hydration items would be used to treat sunburn, dry skin and burns not requiring prescriptions.