About Us

Silicium Laboratories is a Spanish Company founded in 2003 and dedicated to the production, development, and investigation of dietary supplements and natural cosmetics based on the organic silica formula Silicium G5 of Dr. Le Ribault.

Today, after 17 years, we continue operating at an international level exporting our products to more than 50 countries on the 5 continents. Our company is in a constant increase, due to the trust and fidelity that our clients put in our products, the philosophy and principles of natural medicine and the legacy of L. Le Ribault.

Silicium is exporting to Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific region, USA and Canada. More than 65.000 registered clients vouch for the efficiency of the products and the excellence of the service. The main office with its department store and also the logistics base is located in Spain, in Tarragona on the Mediterranean coast, close to Barcelona.

Silicium also has an office and warehouse in Miami, the USA for sales in America. Silicium is the exclusive holder of the intellectual property of L. Le Ribault, its trademarks and patents, also tendered to concede licenses.


What differentiates our products?


Formula: the recognized formula Silicium G5 of original organic silica created by Loïc Le Ribault which presents bioavailability, assimilation, penetration and reconstructive and regenerative qualities. The majority of our products contain organic silica of the fifth generation.

Stability: an excellent lifetime period which helps the product conserve its original characteristics.

Reliability: qualities and characteristics that are recognized and confirmed by official studies.

What differentiates our products?

Customers and fidelity: the loyalty of our clients is the best testimony. Our client database lasts over time.

Excellence: high-quality customer service with a vast experience in the field. We provide a customized response within 24 hours on working days. We also are at your entire disposal so you can communicate with us any of your concerns.

Management: the orders are processed during the same day of their reception being shipped with the leading global transportation companies.

Delivery time: the orders are received in 24-48 hours (working days).



Silicium Laboratories is an international company led by its principles. We will continue with the legacy of L. Le Ribault, providing his formula G5 all around the world and developing through his formula products that are highly efficient and competitive: dietary supplements and natural active principles.

Our main purpose is to make known the silica properties around the world in order to make sure that anyone may benefit from it.



Natural Medicine

Proved Results

Natural Ingredients

High-quality active principles: pureness and richness.



Silicium continues to study the silica applications and the benefits of the dietary supplements that permit to improve the life quality and wellness of every person. The company continues to inform about these universities, investigation centers and laboratories.

More than 30 years of investigation created an exceptional line of products with the highest security standards and efficiency. The scientific and technological base created by L. Le Ribault and other scientists was fundamental for this process.

The basic mission of the company is the development of his works. We continue investigating and developing his studies in order to make known the work of the Doctor in different fields of medicine.




After the death of Le Ribault, Silicium Laboratories SL is officially holding the intellectual property of L. Le Ribault and owns the trademarks ¨Loïc Le Ribault¨, and ¨Silicium G5¨ (products based on organic silica). 

The following informational sites are authorized by Silicium and provide only real information about Dr. Le Ribault:

The association L. Le Ribault for the promotion of Alternative Medicine is responsible for collecting information on the existing studies about the organic silica and testimonies of a multitude of cases.

Official websites of Loïc Le Ribault:




In those websites you can also find valuable information about nutritional silica:


www.silicioorganico.org (Spanish)

www.bienfaitsdusilicium.com (french)